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TATE’S Tent Sale Insider Tips

October 13, 2017 Recent Fun

We have been doing these twice-yearly big tent sales forever now! They are pretty epic and can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the day.

Saturday, October 14th from 10am-8pm and Sunday, October 15th from 10am-5pm  — Full details here.


1. All the crazy super deals are outside in the big white tent! Comics 3 for $1, Toys 2 for $10 and lots more. But, inside the store there are more deals to be had…you will find 50% off all back issue comics and 10% off everything else.


2. Even if the checkout line looks crazy long, it moves pretty fast, so don’t despair! Chat with the people around you and make friends! We have heard stories of customers meeting their future life partner while waiting in line to checkout at one of our sales! Seriously, this has happened! Bonus tip: If you are buying a big stack of back issue comics INSIDE the store. Sort them into price order while you are waiting in line! It will make your checkout faster and easier for us! 🙂


3. Come to shop or just to hang out and have fun. There is lots of great people watching and a really fun, festive atmosphere!


4. You have the option of paying cash or credit outside in the tent! There are 3 registers out there and everyone will be working as fast as possible to get you in and out. Your patience is appreciated. 🙂 You cannot bring your tent sale purchases inside the store, even after they are paid for. Don’t cross the streams!


5. Customers start lining up crazy early on Saturday morning to get first dibs on our back issue comic selection at 50% OFF. Just before we open at 10am, numbered tickets are handed out the first 20 people whose goal is to select back issue comics from the locked cases. They are assisted in numerical order with comics locked in showcases. It keeps things nice and civil. There will be plenty of staff on hand to help out.


6. If you fear crowds or don’t have the patience to wait in line… just plan to come by the sale on Saturday afternoon or really anytime on Sunday. Early Saturday is usually pretty crazy busy with folks who want first dibs on the tent sale stuff and back issues. But, things are truly quiet on Sunday and much much calmer Saturday afternoon …and there is still plenty of awesome cheap stuff, so do not fear!


7. Inside the store there are shopping handbaskets available up front by door entrance and also back near the comic book back issues. Use them! Outside in the tent use the large blue bags or cardboard boxes.



8. If you plan on spending a lot of time searching through the comics outside be sure to dress comfortably and stay hydrated! It’s almost always hot in SoFla and the tent has no A/C. (we wish) There are a number of true “gems” hidden in the longboxes outside for the worthy to find. If you are filling up a longbox with comics, it takes time – so please be courteous to customers who have started to fill a box and don’t root through their stash.


9. Do not bring in toys or comics for trade-in during the sale. Save your collections for trade-in for the following week. We simply won’t have time to take a look, sorry!


10. If you need a statue or anything that is locked up in a case, you must find a TATE’S Employee to help you out before you get in line to checkout. Look for their nametags and STAFF shirts! There should be plenty of people on hand to help you!


11. Tate goes crazy & marks down a lot of expensive statues and toys to below our cost outside in the tent. Plus, we have a ‘scratch and dent’ selection of statues that are great deals. Get there early for some amazing finds! We do not restock stuff outside in the tent, it is all out there on Saturday morning. Get it while it lasts!


12. Make sure to spin our prize wheel for fun themed free souvenir goodies, buttons and swag, while they last!


13. Free shirt printing is available from 11am-4pm, both Saturday and Sunday. Bring your own blank shirts (or hoody or tank top or pillowcase) to print the design of your choice! It will be printed right before your eyes! They will do their best to print on any shirt you give to them. These shirt designs are exclusive and special souvenirs. If you forget a blank to print on, we always have a limited selection of blank tees for $5.


14. Our staff works really hard to make these events run smoothly. Setup begins way in advance and everyone doesn’t stop until we drop on Sunday night! So please give them a big high five and your understanding that we are exhausted and all going as fast as we can! A smile goes a long way! We really want everyone to have a good time.


Bonus tip section!

  • DontRunandJumpClip_tatestentsaleYou can use the bathroom and buy a drink at our Gaming Satellite. It won’t be too crazy over there!
  • When we first start the sale, please do not RUN and LEAP over stuff to get into the tent.  —> this high jumping gentleman was totally ok, but man it could have been bad! That was a table full of unboxed statues he landed against.
  • All of the sidewalks in our huge shopping plaza connect under the overhangs, so park as far away as you need to and take a stroll through the promenade to get to us! There is also parking BEHIND the shopping center with access to the front.
  • Be excellent to each other. Apologize if you bump someone and help out a fellow customer when you see an opportunity come up. We are all friends at TATE’S!
  • Come on Sunday, even if you came by Saturday! We do not put out any more stuff, but you WILL find something cool that you overlooked the first pass through. Since Sunday is chill, its a whole different experience.
  • Come with your coolest friends! Take a field trip and make a game of it … see who can find the weirdest thing at the sale!

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