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Belly Rewards Program



We have this nifty little totally free rewards program here at TATE’S! It maintained using the Belly Rewards card system, which is exceptionally great because you use the same card at all the stores that have Belly! Every time you come in, you simply scan your QR code on your plastic Belly card (or) the QR code that lives in your Belly app on your phone. You get 5 points for each visit… and sometimes more points during special events! You can use your points immediately or save them up for extra specials rewards (aka magical booty) that money cannot buy!

To join just grab a new Belly card from the counter, scan the code on the Belly ipad and enter your email address! Its really that simple. You can even get started from home by downloading the app before you come in. If you get mixed up or all kerfuffled and confused, just ask for help. That’s what we’re here for!


Our Current Rewards as of 01/01/2013 (subject to change): Belly_BarrySchwartzUsingcard

  • 5 points = Free Comic from FCBD 2012
  • 10 points = Über Fancy TATE’S Sticker
  • 15 points = Select one item from the TATE’S Treasure Box!
  • 25 points = Jankepyon Battle a staff member for 10% off your entire purchase! If you lose, we’ll still give you a sweet button!
  • 30 points = Free Snack or Drink of your choice! ($3.50 max value)
  • 55 points = Afraid to lose the Jankepyon Battle? Guaranteed 10% off your entire purchase!
  • 75 points = Your face on the next TATE’S sticker that we have printed!
  • 105 points = Join the ranks of our esteemed “Customer of the Month” program!
  • 145 points = Tour of the mysterious TATE’S backroom & seedy underbelly!
  • 200 points = Free TATE’S T-Shirt in your size!
  • 1010 points = 10% off your entire purchase…. for the rest of your life!

For more info on the Belly Card & how you can sign up… visit their website www.bellycard.com


Here are some examples of fine folks redeeming their Belly rewards that they worked so hard for…

Belly_NakiaClaroPortrait Belly_TreyWithBeardSticker