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MtG Khans Of Tarkir Prerelease!

The Khans Of Tarkir Prerelease event is drawing near!

For those of you who are new to Magic: The Gathering, the Prerelease is a Sealed Tournament where players open booster packs from the upcoming set, one week before its release, and construct a deck from the cards they get, to battle it out with other players in an epic tournament for glory and prizes! Here are the details:

- Dates: Saturday, September 20th, and Sunday, September 21st.
- Start Time: 12:00 Noon on both days. Registration ends at 11:50 am, promptly (so we can start in a timely fashion).
- Price: $25.00 per entrant.
- 4 Rounds.
- Win FREE prizes in our numerous raffles!
- Our usual Sunday Modern tournament and Pathfinder Society will be cancelled, along with our usual Saturday Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Junior Leagues.

There are five Clan Packs to choose from, based on the five Colors in Magic, and supplies are limited, so Pre-Orders are now available! Reserve the Color pack that you want in advance to guarantee that you’ll get it; if you wait until the day of the Prerelease, you may not get the one you’d like, so don’t delay!!

MTG From The Vault: Annihilation

Magic players! From The Vault: Annihilation releases tomorrow! Due to it’s limited allocation, the purchase of this item has been limited to one unit per customer, first come, first serve, for $39.99. If you haven’t seen the cards in this set, check it out!


MTG Masters Of Modern Weekly Tournaments

On this glorious day, I hereby announce that this is the announcement that MODERN TOURNAMENTS are coming to Tate’s! That’s right. It’s going down.

Tate’s Gaming presents: Masters Of Modern Weekly Tournaments!

- Date: Every Sunday, Starting August 31st, 2014
- Time: 12:00 Noon
- Entry Price: $6.00
- Prize Support: Top 4 win prizes under 32 entrants – Store Credit or Packs; quantities vary based on turnout.
- Number Of Proxies Allowed: 15 Total (Main and Sideboard). Proxies must be unaltered, fully printed with legible text and rules text, card name, mana cost and type, and card type.
- Ban List: Modern Ban List (http://archive.wizards.com/Magic/tcg/resources.aspx?x=judge%2Fresources%2Fsfrmodern)
- Tournament Round Type: Swiss, Sanctioned, 2 Out Of 3, 50 Minute Rounds

MTG 2015 Core Set Game Day!

Magic players! This weekend is Game Day!! On Saturday’s tournament, we’ll be raffling off Garruk’s Axe to one of our lucky entrants! Here are the details:

- Date: Saturday, August 9th & Sunday, August 10th, 2014.
- Time: 4:30 PM (Saturday) & 12:00 NOON (Sunday).
- Entry Price: $6.00
- Tournament Type: Standard, Swiss Pairings
- Prize Support: All participants get a full-art Reclamation Sage, Top 8 players get a full-art foil Chief Engineer, Top 4 players get applicable booster pack or store credit prizes (comparable to our normal Standard tournaments), and the first place player gets the M15 Champion Playmat!

We’ll see you all this weekend!!

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